Diseñador Gráfico y Web desde 2006


I´m guided by emotions when investing my focus and I give lots of importance to background and conceptualization in design & communication, both from a figurative and abstract point of view.

Holistic vision and skills in MKT corresponding to 12 years of experience, 7 in payroll in about 10 different companies and 5 working as freelance.

Life´s learning, trying to get out from ego.
You can download my C.V. here.

Design, development, production and management for print or web projects, involved or driving more than 80 different accounts during these years.

Currently I left my position in a creative agency as art director to collaborate on initiatives of my interest, such as testing a Startup app or being an Instagramer for an interior design studio. My goal is to feel motivated and I´m always open to new experiences that lead me to my best professional approach.

Thanks for taking your time to read me. I wish you the best!